Jigsaw Kid

22 Mag

Articolo tratto dal sito del Daily Mail:

On the outside, Bethany Jordan looks like any healthy little girl – cheeky grin included.

But on the inside, she has been pieced together differently from everyone else.

Dubbed the ‘Jigsaw Kid’, Bethany was born with five spleens, a hole in the heart, a diseased and back-tofront liver, a right lung formed as if it was a left one, and her stomach on the wrong side.articolo

Doctors warned her parents Lisa and Robert there was little chance she would survive birth.

But she did, and six years later is still defying the odds.

Bethany, of Stourbridge, West Midlands, suffers from Ivemark Syndrome, a very rare disorder characterised by a poorly-formed cardiovascular system and having organs in the wrong place.

It means she cannot stand up to some of the normal rigours and strains of an average child. When she exercises too much, Bethany’s heart can be seen beating through her back.

There are so few sufferers – one in 150,000 – and each case is so different, that very little is known about the condition. The cause is thought to be genetic.

Yesterday her mother said: ‘Underneath her skin everything is back to front and jumbled up.

‘We have to really watch her because she gets tired very quickly because of her condition.’

Her five spleens – each much smaller than a healthy one – do not work effectively at filtering her blood, leaving her at risk of harmful infections.

‘It means that if she gets ill it takes a lot longer for her to get over it because she has a very low immune system,’ said Mrs Jordan.

Doctors at Birmingham’s Women’s Hospital discovered Bethany’s condition before she was born during routine pregnancy scans.

‘We only need to see her twice a year now, which is great news for her and her family. She will eventually-need a liver transplant but at the moment we are just waiting to see when that will be.

‘She is doing very well despite all of her problems, I think she’s a very tough little girl.’

Ivemark Syndrome sufferers are slightly smaller than other children their age because of the calories they burn off by their hearts having to work harder.

Praticamente per chi mastica poco l’inglese questa bambina ha cinque milze, un buco al cuore, il fegato al contrario, entrambi i polmoni a sinistra e lo stomaco sul lato sbagliato. Soffre di una malattia estremamente rara nota come sindrome di Ivemark.


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